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I don't want WMP monitoring my folders for anything, much less an unwanted library. At the moment I've told WMP to skip files smaller than "9999 KB" but you never know...(if you don't see the list click on advanced options).Not only does it rebuild the library, most times it doesn't even show my music files.I have to continually restore to get the files to show up.I assumed this was a know bug in WMP12 running under Windows 7, and that MS was working on it. "Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" wrote: Well I haven't really noticed it doing that on my 18000 track media library - if it does, it's pretty unobtrusive.When you describe it as a problem - what actual problem is it introducing that causes you difficulties ?

"Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]" wrote: Same thing happens with my WMP12 on WIN 7 new out of the box laptop.

"Opinicus" OK, I checked "My folder and those of others I can access" and also told WMP to ignore "Documents and Settings".

There's still the "Rip folder" which can't be ignored or removed apparently. If you check 'my folders and those of others I can access', it will monitor all the folders in C:\Documents and settings for which you have permission, so actually rather more folders than just 'my personal folders'.

Just store your music, pictures, videos in other folders (which you could of course call Music, Pictures, Video if you wish).

Leave the My Music, My Videos, My pictures folders empty, then there is nothing for WMP to add to its library.

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