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FIT'S A DEEP BOWL OVATION, CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE FOR AGE, HARDSHELL IS SOLID AND ALL LACTHES ARE WORKING. "NO RESERVE" OVATION EARLY 80'S HARDSHELL CASE "NO RESERVE" THIS OVATION HARDSHELL CASE IS FROM THE EARLY 80'S. THIS EARLY 1980'S OVATION HARDSHELL CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE! CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE FOR AGE, SOME TOLEX MISSING FROM SIDE, AND INNER LINING SHOWING A LITTLE PADDING, BUT ALL SOLID AND ALL LACTHES WORKING. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, CHECKS MUST WAIT 10 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING. What he did was compile a list of brand names and distributors/importers where known.At the end of his list he wrote that it was time to start tracking all the names down but in the almost 20 years that have followed, I haven’t seen anyone else try. I’m going to try to list every damn brand name that was ever placed on the headstock of a 1960s Japanese guitar!!

And when they aren’t cheap and everyone thinks every old guitar is worth a boatload of money, then I’ll move on and start my beer can collection again. As with any good research, primary sources are the best.A lot of this information is already out there floating around like tiny puzzle pieces, and all I’m trying to do is collect it in one place.Of course it’s a seemingly impossible task, so I did/do need help.This is just to help people out, so maybe somebody can rediscover the guitar of their youth.Maybe someone can connect with that eager teenager that wailed away in a garage in the middle of nowhere. This is not for profit or to raise prices on these Japanese guitars.

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