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I know I sound harsh, but I am trying to make a very serious point. He has another girl cause there is somthing hes not getting from you. Why are you trying to win the guy over if he and you are "Just" friends having sex?

If you can find out what that is you can beat his other girlfriend. The girlfriend has to be what you were to him plus more. Exployt the new chicks weak spots and do what she does for him only better and never let him forget why he was with you in the first place. I guess this is why I refuse to think its healthy for two people.

Either your in a serious relationship and are the "Only" one having sex with each other or your NOT having sex at all. More like girlfriend and being the only sex partner.

This Friends with benefits implys "No" relationship which also implies "no" expictations. My advise is stop giving your body away to just anyone and save it for Mr.

Just move on and concentrate on your kids you will find someone else .

The fact that he already seems more concerned with her than with you, tells it all.

Because he isn't dating you, he is just your friend and your letting him have sex with you. If your gonna give it up to a mere friend, in opinion you don't have a right to whine or cry over it.Cross the legs and become a Lady, then wait for a proper Gentleman that won't ask you to uncross them just out of friendship. OP, you forgot rule #1 of the married man: Never let the wife meet the mistress, even if she doesn't know.Something may slip out, and she may put 2 and 2 together. So all you can do is act blasé, like you didn't think about it, and it means nothing to you anyway.I have 3 kids and the youngest is about to start preschool and I went to the next little town of where I work to check out a preschool. He goes seems like alot of activity going on over there now.I called him because he told me to and he asked me what I was up to. I asked him what he meant by that and he said well now you are working over there and now putting your kid in a preschool in the town she lives in. The reasons for going farther away for this particular school is because when my two oldest were 3 and 4 they went to this school in another location. Like I am becoming a psychotic stalker or something.

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