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Their close aides also assisted in arranging meeting sbetween them. Ellen: (dryly) Uh huh (audience laughs) Pamela: (to the audience) Sorry. Pamela: Yes, well, that’s where, I instantly go to that! Pamela: I’m living with my ex husband, how does that fit in? (audience laughs) Pamela: It’s just so many temptations… This helped to generate major press interest and PR.Unfortunately, there are eye-witnesses that said, MJ and Anderson talked in a very congenial conversation, still from time to time regardless of the gap in conversation they seemed charmed, and MJ seemed quite intoxicated! Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson are dating, claims reports. Anderson and Jackson have had two dates claims a poorly reported British story. (audience laugh) Ellen: I didn’t ask about anything like that. Ellen: But you’re not getting any from him, are you? Pamela Plays “Guess Your Ex” has to guess who the guy is on the card from Ellen’s clues Pamela: (holds up card with MJ’s photo) Ellen: He’s a, he’s the guy that you refused to answer if you’re hanging out or not but he wants you to be in the video. In each market an exclusive content deal with one key publication was negotiated (such as FHM) to ensure a minimum level of coverage.Unfortunately the fighting didn’t stop there and they continue to argue and bicker throughout their relationship.When the series ended the cameras followed their affair in a spin-off show aptly titled ‘Strange Love’.Height difference: Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum The dramatic height difference between the two has been the source of much hilarity in the showbusiness world, but the loved-up pair insist that it makes no difference to them.

“They chatted about Michael turning 50, his new album, their kids. (audience laughs) Ellen: Have you been hanging out with him? The strategy was to take the mannequin (an actor in costume) to high profile events in each market.However the romance became even more tumultuous and the warring twosome even slapped each other in the face on camera.Needless to say their ‘strange love’ came to an end soon afterwards and so did the show. DENNIS RODMAN AND ALICIA DOUVALL One of the strangest things about the relationship between flamboyant basketball star Dennis Rodman and British glamour model Alicia Douvall is that he later claimed they were never together, whereas she says he was one of the big loves of her life.Ironically Lisa says her romance with George has ruined her love life and she hasn’t been on a date in a year. SOPHIE DAHL AND JAMIE CULLUM She is a 6ft tall well-connected former model while he is a 5ft 4in babyfaced and unkempt jazz musician.‘Men seem to look at me and think, "She went out with George Clooney, what chance have I got? It’s hardly a match made in heaven, but Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum’s relationship has gone from strength to strength since they met at a breast cancer charity event last year.

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They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off," the source added.

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