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They hit it off right away, and her feelings for him have only grown stronger," a source tells Star."She's trying to keep her relationship with Jamie a secret, telling people they're just friends, but she can't hide her true feelings." The source goes on revealing, "They work together all day and hang out most nights.No, JLH didn't mix up fish and chicken; nor did she hand over control of her career to a domineering, occasionally perverse father.

She’s has been linked to notorious ladies men John Mayer and Wilmer Valderrama, as well as not-so-famous guys like her ex-fiance, Ross Mc Call.In November 2007, while vacationing in Hawaii, the couple became engaged.These pictures of Jennifer on the set and gives us a glimpse of what she may look like when she becomes a bride.But must these two gush over their relationship every time they see a camera?!?They're starting to make Tom Cruise's couch-jumping appearance on Oprah look calm by comparison.

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