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Travel through history’s most dynamic region on remarkable adventures that unfold in the cradle of civilization.The stories of ancient gods are revealed across the Greek islands and the Acropolis of Athens is an icon of Western civilization.The "Squire of Knotty Ash" was also a classically surreal figure - his bulging eyes and untameable hair ensuring he resembled Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter - and took inspiration from the Marx Brothers and the zanier acts of early cinema.A household name for five decades, Doddy was known for his "tickling stick" and endurance stage act, famously claiming a Guinness World Record in 1974 after telling 1,500 one-liners in three and a half hours at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre - a gag rate of one every 7.14 seconds.Later versions have the name included in the lettering.They were continued to be made in huge quantities for many decades thereafter, with production probably extending well into the 1950s or later.From the ancient ruins of Rome to the modern masterpieces of Barcelona, the Western Mediterranean has long inspired the world’s great artists. Allow yourself to be swept away by the scent of lavender along a country lane in Provence or a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice.From the charming villages of the Tuscan countryside to the glittering promenades of the French Riviera, let the Mediterranean be your muse and Oceania Cruises be your guide.

Only a very few of them were actually made of true porcelain, the great majority being made of glass, notwithstanding the phrase which would indicate otherwise.

The glass liners helped prevent food from coming in direct contact with the metal lid, which otherwise caused a metallic “off-taste” to be imparted to preserved food (not to mention the increased possibility of contamination from bacteria). Boyd was issued a patent for his invention (#88439) on March 30, 1869.

The actual title of the patent is termed “Improved Mode of Preventing Corrosion In Metallic Caps”.

The very earliest versions are said to have been made in transparent glass, with milk glass versions introduced approximately 1871.

It is assumed the most of the earlier versions of these liners have the name “BOYD’S” or “BOYD” embossed on them.

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The timeline of markings (which ones came first) is uncertain. The lids are frequently found by bottle diggers at old dump sites, or in privies (where outhouses used to stand) along with other durable (non-degradable) items such as bottles, jars, broken dishes, pottery, shards of glass tableware, etc.

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