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I decided since there was nothing left to lose I,ll go ahead and talk to him . he was going to see her in august and i told him ive been seeing this girl for almost a year and he said the same. we took our revenge on her and i wont go into details.please to all lonely americans out there looking for love . I will still hope to find love in the Philippines and this time a girl who,s not a liar and a cheater.She says she loves me so much and hopes we can be together.Also I speak to her family and friends on Facebook and they all say that she loves me and is totally loyal and faithful and hope that we can be together as we seem a perfect match.

As I said over the last 3 years she has come across to me as a sincere and honest girl.We had a simple wedding in the town hall restaurant meal after, all the family attended ok I had to pay for all the transport and to get them all home.We pay for all the outings, get loads of shopping to take home. As soon as I can extricate myself from this Thai woman I'll know where I stand.Reality total cost is a weekend in Paris would have cost me more.Been there twice since, to visit the family, no one has asked me for money or any thing.

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